Friday, February 13, 2009

Betty Elder- Cowboys


The subject of SXSW came up at last night's Twestival charity event. I've attended the annual conference in Austin about a dozen times. That admission inspired awe in a relative youngster. What he didn't understand is that SXSW once had a very different vibe. It wasn't always about Glasvegas, Iggy Pop and Blitzen Trapper. SXSW began as a regional roots-based festival. The first year I attended (was it 1989?) I caught almost nothing but folk, blues, outlaw country, tejano and root-rock acts. Artists like Betty Elders abounded. This song is pulled from a 1996 SXSW promo compilation. The gradual transition to an indie-rock orientation upset the old guard. The shift didn't bother me but I could do without the increased hassle factor.

Stik Figa Goes To College. That's what I would have titled the supposed final Stik Figa EP. Instead, it's named Babylon. It's available for download at Ill Roots. "Well its official...," the Topekan suggested in a recent blog post. "im takin' my black ass back to school come fall, cant believe i wasted so much time with this rap sh*t."

I love Blayney's. The staff is cool and the dingy bat-cave vibe has always appealed to me. Yet I rarely go there because the blooze band-oriented booking policy doesn't interest me. Even so, this report is quite upsetting.

Kansas City Click: Frank Ace plays the blues tonight at B.B.'s Lawnside BBQ.

B.B. King and Buddy Guy perform at the Midland on Valentine's Day.

Maze returns to Municipal Auditorium on Sunday.

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