Friday, February 20, 2009

Scott Severin- Misery Loves Company

No more misery.

A significant portion of my life has been spent working in record stores. While I've reluctantly embraced the changes that have decimated the music retail community, I still wax nostalgic about the old days.

Not surprisingly, one of my first stops on a visit to Omaha earlier this week was the Homer's store on Howard Street. I instinctively began chatting up the guy behind the counter. We bonded over our mutual admiration of The Hold Steady, Bruce Springsteen and The New York Dolls.

I learned that my new friend was Scott Severin. He's a tough, gritty songwriter who paid his dues in New York. Little girls may not understand the craggy voice and street poetry of Severin's 2005 CD Unknown Rider. Similar-minded artists including David Johansen and Lou Reed, however, would surely recognize Severin as one of their own.

This video gives a sense of Severin's personality.

Kansas City Click: I spend a lot of time embarrassing myself. Last week I told a stranger how much I admire Kristie Stremel. The dude turned out to be the drummer for Exit 159. I vaguely recall the band but I had no idea it included Stremel. They reunite at the Record Bar tonight.

Rufus Wainwright entertains at The Uptown Theater on Saturday.

Knuckleheads hosts Myra Taylor's 92nd birthday party Sunday.


bgo said...

Glad to now Homer's is still around.

I am not sure if either of them are still working there, but I had 2 business pals that were essential employees there.

Happy In Bag said...

I've always loved the guys at Homer's, BGO. The flagship store still looks great- deep selection, compelling sales, intriguing blend of non-music gift items.

Heather Babes said...

I know Scott personally from his NY days... I was living in Boston at the time... he's good people and a great musician...

Happy In Bag said...

Thanks for checking in, Heather. I like Scott a lot, too.

Anonymous said...

Severin is an asshole.