Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Life and Times- Let It Eat


Tragic Boogie is massive.

Its sound is so immense that it's difficult to imagine experiencing it at The Life and Times' familiar hometown haunts The Brick or The Record Bar. The post-punk arena rock of Tragic Boogie would be a far better fit for The Sprint Center. Barring that, it's headphone music of the first order.

The band's new album combines the arty ambition of Thrice with the ambitious pop sensibility of latter day Flaming Lips. Small, delicate touches, such as the presence of a vibraphone, makes the epic onslaught seem even heavier.

Catch The Life and Times at SXSW. The official release party for Tragic Boogie is April 5 at The Record Bar. Bring a helmet- the intimate room may explode.

Arvo Part's In Principio is blowing my mind.

Kansas City Click: The promising Company of Thieves opens for Thriving Ivory at the Midland tonight.

The Czar Bar hosts American Catastrophe Saturday.

Sara Gazarek sings at Jardine's Sunday.


george said...

what're the chances you'd float us a copy of all of tragic boogie?

Happy In Bag said...