Friday, March 27, 2009

Jeanne Lee and Ran Blake- You Go To My Head


In his world-weary liner notes to an out of print 1989 release by pianist Ran Blake and vocalist Jeanne Lee, Alain Gerber suggests that jazz may become "a eulogy of itself." Twenty years later, that appears to be exactly where jazz finds itself.

I caught sixteen-year-old Grace Kelly at the Blue Room last night. (Here's my review.) The kid impressed. That said, her singing and playing lack the emotional depth that can only be acquired over time. Kelly can hardly be faulted for being young.

While I wouldn't wish a life of hard knocks on anyone, that's what it might take in order for Kelly to one day produce something as devastating as this rendition of "You Go To My Head." It's what an another area music commentator calls "grown-up music."

Don't miss this stunning video of Lee with pianist Mal Waldron.

Kansas City Click: Twenty-some years ago The Blue Riddim Band was one of the best acts in town. They reunite at The Beaumont tonight.

Eleni Mandell works the early show Saturday at Davey's.

Federation of Horsepower are on Sunday's bill at Crosstown Station.


Jason Harper said...

And that looks like a grown-up drink! What is that, pepto?

Happy In Bag said...

Watch it, uppity youngster! That's chocolate milk. (And for the record, it's day 34 of Lent.)

jonderneathica said...

You might enjoy this essay regarding the death of jazz:

Happy In Bag said...

That's an excellent piece, Jon. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I agree with the basic sentiment.

twangster said...

FWIW, You Stepped Out of a Cloud was reissued a couple of years ago by Universal.