Thursday, January 01, 2009

Transmittens- Meet Me At the Swings

Recess is over.

Transmittens aren't just cute. There's something genuinely profound about the way Lawrence duo Jen Weidl and Danny Rowland contrast childlike innocence with adult impulses. "Meet Me At the Swings" is willfully silly, yet lines like "is your name Ernie or Bert?" take on deeper, almost sinister, meaning. The pair told told Richard Gintowt that they hope to attract the attention of K Records. That makes sense. Additional insights into the act can be gleaned from their unreasonably adorable video for "Cow Clouds."

I'm still pouting about failing to win Monday's music trivia contest at the Record Bar. My account is posted here.

Kansas City Click: Roots rocker James Intveld plays Knuckleheads tonight.

The mighty Hammerlord hit the Riot Room Saturday.

The People's Liberation Big Band crowd into the Record Bar on Sunday.

(Image of Transmittens from their MySpace page.)

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