Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Neko Case- People Got a Lotta Nerve

I lost my nerve.

I vividly recall the first time I saw Neko Case perform. I slowly gravitated from the back of the tavern to the lip of the stage. She was doing a straightforward roadhouse country thing back then (I'm guessing it was '97 or '98.) It was extraordinarily hot inside the venue, and I wondered how a thick sheen of sweat could make Case look magical while people looked as my drenched carcass in disgust. She's since become a celebrated standard-bearer of the refined roots crowd, part Tom Waits and part Johnny Cash. The approach hasn't always resonated with me. This tough, Paisley Underground-style song, however, has me eagerly anticipating the March release of Middle Cyclone.

I didn't see it coming. Scott Weiland was great last night. Not so surprisingly, the Architects were also excellent. Here's my review.

Kansas City Click: A date with a slab of ribs will prevent me from attending the "Gems of the Baroque: France, Spain and Latin America" concert at KU's Edwards campus tonight.

(Original blurry image of Neko Case in 2007 by There Stands the Glass.)


The DLC said...

Neko Case is one of the only people of the genre that I truly like. That being said I wish they would get rid of all the reverb/church/auditorium effects on her voice. She doesn't need it. This new track only has a little so I'm hopeful.

And a great write up of the Weiland show by the way.

Happy In Bag said...

I know what you mean, DLC. The reverb thing works better in a pop context, which is why I like this Phil-Spector-with-a-Nudie-shirt-style song.

And thanks.