Monday, January 26, 2009

Left Handed Scientists- 33 Degrees

The experiment has ended.

I reluctantly attended a Cornel West lecture last week. I left inspired. (Here are my notes.) West's even-keeled talk was almost entirely devoid of inflammatory rhetoric or half-baked conspiracy theories. I'm not much for crazy talk, but when the mood strikes me I turn to acts like Left Handed Scientists. Kill Your Computer is loaded with intriguing political concepts and sci-fi lunacy. They're like a backpack-wearing Wu-Tang Clan. I bought my copy of their impressive 2008 underground album directly from San Diego's Access Music.

I like Slipknot. There- I said it. Here's my review of Saturday's show with Coheed & Cambria and Trivium.

"Oh, we got both kinds. We got Country and Western." - Honky tonk barmaid on the music played at her establishment in The Blues Brothers, 1980

"Music seriously is one of the most important things to me, regardless if it's "punk" or "emo" it has helped me through some bad times and also made really rad times even better." - Newsletter from a highly respected record label, 2009

Kansas City Click: Clint Ashlock leads the Monday jam session at the Blue Room.


Mr. Poncho said...

nice to see somebody folding Cornel West and Slipknot into a single thread there (someone's got speak up for the dudes with masks!) Bravo.

Happy In Bag said...

A couple people have openly wondered how a jazz blogger ( could possibly review a Slipknot concert. They don't understand that it's all part of the same continuum. Not unlike you, Mr. Poncho, I inhabit a world in which Slipknot, Cornel West, Pink, Phil Woods and Lil Wayne are not bound by categories, genres or prejudices.