Friday, March 28, 2008

Paul Grabowsky- Silverland


I don't deserve my friends. While I'm often cantankerous and aloof, they're usually understanding and generous. My buddy L. even ordered me a couple jazz CDs last Christmas. One is Tales of Time and Space by Australian pianist Paul Grabowsky. It features jaw-dropping interplay between saxophonists Joe Lovano and Branford Marsalis. Buy the album to hear those tracks. According to the liner notes, this composition is named for the Australian rock band Silverchair. I'm not sure I believe it, though- the nifty melody is more Chick Corea than Kurt Cobain. Thanks, pal.

Day 26 are moving units in these parts.

Trust me, guys. You'll want to take a look at this Grace Potter site.

Kansas City Click: The gift shop at Harrah's does not sell gum or ear plugs. Prepare accordingly for Drowning Pool and Saliva at the casino's VooDoo Lounge tonight.

The Clash were my gateway band to punk, reggae and dub. And I'll admit to owning that first Generation X album. It'll be a big thrill for fans of a certain age to see Mick Jones and Tony James, now working as Carbon/Silicon, at the Record Bar on Saturday. "Sing, Michael sing!"

Three of the Clash's musical progeny- Anti-Flag, the Briggs and Street Dogs tear up the Beaumont on Sunday.

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