Monday, March 03, 2008

Jeff Healey, 1966-2008


There was no avoiding the Jeff Healey Band during the last big blues boom. Healey had a radio and MTV hit, a role in a classic cable TV movie, and he toured constantly. Even though I didn't particularly care for his heavy-handed power trio style, I remember seeing him two or three times during that era. Healey was so personable that it was hard to not to like his music at least a little bit, even if albums like Feel This sounded eerily similar to the latest efforts by Bad Company and .38 Special. Healey died yesterday. He was 41.

I caught this year's big soul-blues package tour Saturday night. Shirley Brown and Bobby Rush were particularly good, and it was my first time seeing Mel Waiters. My review is here.

Kansas City Click: Take solace on a stormy Monday at Jardine's with the organ jazz of OJT with Bukeka Shoals.

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