Monday, March 31, 2008

Karen Matheson- Rithill Aill

Washed away.

I attended a Celtic Woman concert last night. It was about what one would expect. I sensed that most of the performers, most notably Orla Fallon, would prefer to attempt more adventurous fare. But that doesn't always pay the bills, does it? A few might aspire to do something along the lines of Karen Matheson's The Dreaming Sea. While it always keeps its Gaelic roots within striking distance, the project's creator's explore jazz concepts and the romantic lushness of Roxy Music's Avalon. (Yes, I realize that Matheson is Scottish, but the same principle applies.)

My review of Friday's Saliva, Drowning Pool and Since October show is here.

The ludicrous psychedelic pop of The Ruby Suns makes me smile.

I guess when you have as many albums as Van Morrison, it's inevitable that they're going to start looking alike. The cover of the new release Keep It Simple is indistinguishable from Into the Music at first glance.

Another Levert died. Awful.

Kansas City Click: The Trews open for Ace freakin' Frehley tonight at the VooDoo.


bgo said...

Well, you can take 2 guys from Belgium who normally do not perform together and come up with this:


bgo said...

Eddie Levert, heartsick once again. My heart goes out to him and his extended family, which I inlculdes all of is who love his and the family's music.

bgo said...

I sure need edit before hitting the send button, eh?

bgo said...

See! Told ya so. I just can't get around it.

Eddie Levert, I grew up listening to your voice. Now 2 of your kids have been silenced forever. As TSTG put it: awful.

Happy In Bag said...

The terrible circumstances surrounding his death have many people highly agitated. Again- awful.

bgo said...

The download of Karen Matheson to my USB key was a delight. Thanks for sharing. I'll stick it on my Sansa player too.


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