Thursday, March 27, 2008

Loituma- Viimesen Kerran

No more beauty.

Call me Mr. Jones. Something is happening here, but I don't know what it is.

I have no earthly idea why a live performance video of Finnish folk group Loituma has been viewed over three million times at YouTube. I suppose it has something to do with the popularity of this techno remix. And then there's this nonsense. There's no end to the phenomenon. I suppose the sheer randomness is much of the appeal, but even so, WTF!.

While Things of Beauty concludes with the accidental culprit, it's actually a traditional Finnish folk album. Fans of Trio Mediaeval and Anonymous 4 should be all over the Finnish group's gorgeous sound.

It's taken a valiant effort, but I've succeeded in avoiding disclosing my relationship with The Network at There Stands the Glass. The genius of the Foxboro Hot Tubs is making it increasingly difficult not to divulge the darkest of secrets.

KPRS and KQRC are my favorite commercial radio stations in Kansas City. Both cultivate a strong sense of community. A large part of that social contract includes airing local talent. I'm thrilled that "The Rock" currently has Red Line Chemistry in heavy rotation.

Kansas City Click: Alas, the Backsliders playing tonight at Crosstown Station aren't the Backsliders. This group with the same name sound as if they could have opened for the Knack in 1979.


bgo said...

Loituma. I'm a convert. What amazing voices and I love the sound of the kantele.

The first song on their myspace site is simply gorgeous.

Thanks again HIB.


meesha.v said...

this song was worn out to death last year on Russian internet. First it sounds cute, but then pretty annoying.

Happy In Bag said...

That's just weird, Meesha. I guess it's a European deal.

As always, BGO, thanks for checking in.

brucedene said...

That's so weird: I woke up this morning with "My Baby's Gone" from those other Backsliders going through my head.

Happy In Bag said...

Yikes, BD! I hope everything's well for you.

brucedene said...

Nope, fine. Turns out my baby was right there the whole time.

bgo said...

Annoying? Maybe a little further search into the culture of the Finns and what else this group has done might be the right thing to do. Just my opinion.

And I might add there is a lot of fine music coming out of Finland right now if you know how to find it.

Capitol B small g small o

meesha.v said...

This one song was plucked out of the whole culture of the Finns an played and linked millions of times. Any song would become annoying.

bgo said...


I have to agree with you that went something is treated as a novelty that comes from a cultural tradion other than my own, it will become annoying afterwhile.

Perhaps that is why I just started reading a translation of The Kalevala because of its importance to ancient Finnish folk culture. It is their national folk epic.

And the sound of a well made kantele is simply divine.