Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Herbie Mann- The Purple Grotto

Gone black.

Allow me a culturally uncool assertion: The world needs more Kenny Gs, Grover Washington, Jr.s, Chris Bottis, and yes, Herbie Manns. Believe me, I understand why these crossover jazz artists are mercilessly ridiculed by elitist taste-makers. And while I don't spend my days listening to Dave Koz, I know that his instrumental pop has never pulled a single fan away from "real" jazz. To the contrary- it ultimately leads to additional sales of A Love Supreme. So goof on Herbie Mann all you like. I'll be unapologetically grooving on his 1954 Plays session.

Speaking of easy targets, how about the recently announced line-up for Rocklahoma? It's an army of '80s hair metal acts. Say what you will, but fans of bands like Tora Tora are loyal consumers of physical music product. That makes them my heroes. And come to think of it, the festival campgrounds are a mere five hours drive away... Roadtrip!

Kansas City Click: This Will Destroy You canceled tonight's show at the Record Bar, but you can still catch Bob Walkenhorst's weekly matinee.

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bgo said...

I wore out Memphis Underground. C'mon, the guy gave Sonny Sharrock a high profile gig. I remember seeing Herbie w/Sonny on Carson playing Memphis Underground and yes, Sonny did HIS THING.

Herbie played some nice sax on McShann's Last of the Blue Devils too! Remember that?

As Eric Burdon once sang: It's All Meat On The Same Bone.