Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Pimp C, 1973-2007

I'm deeply saddened by the passing of Pimp C earlier today. Underground Kingz is among my favorite albums of 2007. "Like Houston in July, it's sprawling, steamy and imbued with a nasty funk," I wrote in my year-end recap. Rather than posting an MP3, as I ordinarily would, I'm embedding this YouTube version of "Living This Life." The curious may also want to view this set of promotional videos. Pimp C makes refreshingly candid statements at the 3:53 and the 9:10 marks. I suspect he lived his life with the same candor.


bgo said...

Excuse my coldness, but this has nothing to do with me or what I am feeling now. May he RIP, I know Diddley about this. The bidness has always been slanted, and one takes away what one does given perceived circumstances. Or experience.


Happy In Bag said...

Oh man, BGO. The humanity expressed in the song I selected can't be ignored. "I don't want to do this no more..." "I'd rather die than continue living this way..." And the music? It's pure Curtis Mayfield. The content- well, watch the local evening news if you need to be reminded about how UGK's desperation DOES have a LOT to do with the way we live in this town.