Friday, December 28, 2007

Oscar Peterson, 1925-2007

Farewell, Mr. Peterson.

It took about twenty years of listening intently to jazz before I began to appreciate Oscar Peterson. I initially felt that the unapologetic beauty he offered, along with his overwhelming technical prowess, just wasn't for me. I was more of a Monk man. Peterson died Sunday. This original composition, recorded in 1986 with Joe Pass, David Young and Martin Drew, was originally released on Live!. It's also available on a fine collection titled The Composer. While I may still prefer Monk, my tastes have developed enough to allow me to revel in Peterson's artistry.

Locals will want to know that the Streetside on Delmar in St. Louis is closing. It's the sister store to the retail location in Westport.

I contributed a few Kansas City-oriented music lists to Present magazine.

Kansas City Click: Organic Proof is featured tonight at Mike's Tavern.

Trent Tomlinson provides the music at Saturday's rodeo. (Wouldn't Kemper Arena be a better venue than the Sprint Center for this event?) Anyway, I've never switched the station when this song came on.

The Record Bar offers an all-ages early show Sunday. Mi Corazon Negro and Black Oxygen are among the local noisemakers on tap.

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