Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Malajube- Montreal


Trompe L'Oeil came into my possession in anticipation of Malajube's March performance at the Record Bar. I ended up working a show at the Uptown the same night. Better late than never, I suppose... The Canadian band reminds me of early Super Furry Animals. Not only does Malajube expertly fuse pop and psych, they don't sing in English either. While "Montreal" (video) is typical, Malajube is not all Day-Glo sunshine. "Casse-cou is a convincing proggy freak-out.

I wimped out on Saturday's Mac Lethal show. As if that wasn't bad enough, reports are trickling in that opening act Grieves was a revelation. Please don't think less of me for enjoying the beer commercial-style joke video of "My Girlfriend Beats Me".

Kansas City Click: Barbaric Merits spin at the downtown Peanut.

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