Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Don Carlos- Ababajoni


Everybody loves Black Uhuru, and rightfully so. Often overlooked, however, is the solo career of two-time Uhuru vocalist Don Carlos. The out-of-print Time Is the Master compilation is one of my favorite reggae albums. While he worked in a variety of settings in the '70s and '80s, the Rastafarian's pure voice and off-kilter sensibility are always entertaining. Much of Carlos' work is deliberately odd, from the implied violence of "Lazer Beam", to the righteous "Ababajoni," which threatens to break into full dub mode an any moment.

A major upset in the making? The new Jaheim outsold Mary J. Blige at my retail job this morning.

Kansas City Click: Clint Ashlock leads New Jazz Order at Harling's.


Clint said...

Hey man! Thanks for the shout-out. We're swinging at Harling's every Tuesday night!

Happy In Bag said...

I can't wait to attend, Clint. I'm on crutches now, but when I get a little stronger I'll climb those stairs.