Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Clara Ward- Out On a Hill


College basketball's finals week hiatus allowed me to catch a rerun of the final broadcast of BET's gospel competition Sunday Best. The winner, announced last week, is an old-fashioned belter out of Takoma named Crystal Aikin. As seen here, she's the real deal. She may even develop into a modern version of Clara Ward. I could happily listen to Ward all day. Her catalog is a bit of a mess, but "Out on a Hill" can be found on this compilation.

Until I watched the Knebworth '79 portion of the Led Zeppelin DVD last night, I didn't really feel badly about missing the band's reunion in London. Even over 25 years later, seeing them storm through new material like "In the Evening" is exhilarating. It's kind of an embarrassing confession, but I suppose I'll pony up if they tour North American in 2008.

Kansas City Click: Ozzy! Zombie! Sprint Center! Tonight!

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