Friday, August 04, 2006

Robert Bradley's Blackwater Surprise- Burn

Only ashes remain.

I stood impassively in a bar last night as people all around me danced ecstatically. Sometimes life as a lifelong music obsessive is a drag. A promising local band, Brothers Green, were laying down ragged funk-drenched blues. The charismatic vocalist had the crowd in an evangelical frenzy. But not me. Instead, I recalled stumbling into St. Louis' Mississippi Nights in the mid-90s and being floored by an unknown act named Robert Bradley's Blackwater Surprise. I lost my mind then, just as people did for Brothers Green last night. Those lucky folks didn't realize that Brothers Green were using Bradley's sound- intentionally or not- as a blueprint. It's no crime- bands like The Black Keys probably studied this 1996 album, too.

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