Monday, August 28, 2006

David Schnaufer, R.I.P.

The sun has set.

I own a dulcimer. David Schnaufer is partly to blame. The man who helped popularize the stringed instrument died August 23. He was 53. The credits on this out-of-print recording reflect the high regard other musicians held for Schnaufer. Mark O'Connor, Kenny Malone and Chet Atkins are among Schnaufer's guests. Even so, I chose to feature Schnaufer alone with his dulcimer on this charming cover.

My review of Saturday's Marty Stuart and Paul Thorn concert in Kansas City is


moose & squirrel said...

Like I said earlier in a post, this blog seems as if it is an obit page too often. I read about David's passing the other day and it made me quite sad that he had to go to the other side way too soon.

And from my buddy Corky's reportage, Marty's take on "In The Pines" was one for the ages.

I'm convinced there is no one ahead of Marty when it comes to what he is doing. There might be equals, but that is it. He is one of the best ever. And nothing will change my mind.

Glad to see T. Finn throw you bone for the astute knowledge you have of music and your talent for conveying it back to us hicks who just want to hang out in various music circles.

Keep up the stellar work.


Happy In Bag said...

Corky's right, m&s. Marty's take on "In the Pines" was perhaps the toughest, burliest version I've encountered.