Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Moacir Santos, 1926-2006

Thank you.

I wandered over to the fine Song With Orange music blog yesterday and discovered that Moacir Santos died on August 13. A Brazilian-born composer and arranger, Santos relocated to Los Angeles in 1967. Blue Note released two Santos albums in the early '70s, but he'd been largely forgotten until Adventure Music released Ouro Negro, a lavish two-disc set of new recordings, in 2004. It's nothing short of triumphant summation of Santos' life and career.

I read that music industry veteran Dave Nives died recently. He was 52. I did some work with Dave in the early '90s. He was a funny, smart and generous guy.


Kellen said...

Beautiful track! I got into Moacir's music just this past year. Glad to find others appreciate his music too.

Anonymous said...

I was friends with Dave Nives for 15 years...as a friend of mine said upon hearing the news "what a drag it is for us to be without him"......

Happy In Bag said...

Yes, Anon, I miss Dave. I'd get to hang with him at conventions once or twice a year, but I was on concalls with him weekly. I could count on him to ask the tough questions before I could voice them, allowing me to seem like a nice guy. But everyone who really knew him understood what a sweetheart Dave really was.

Hey Kellen, thanks for the comment.