Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Luka Bloom- Dancing Queen and I Am a River

The queen washed away.

I'm looking forward to seeing Irish folk artist Luka Bloom next week on his unlikely three-date tour of the United States. Bloom is in the highest tier of contemporary songwriters. But he's also cursed with a talent for reinterpreting material by other artists. He finds the pathos inside Abba's "Dancing Queen" on Keeper of the Flame, a revelatory album of covers.

Bloom is also soliciting pre-orders for an unfinished project. He offers the mood piece "I Am a River" at his site, and writes:

"If enough of you like the sound of this one track, and are willing to buy your copy in advance - like immediately, this money would help finance the finishing of this record. If say, 1000 people were willing to buy the record for 20 euros; that 1000 people would receive a copy signed by Simon and me; and you would receive a bonus extra track for your gesture of good faith! We expect to have the record ready for release by February 1st 2007. "

That's pretty steep, but I'm in if the "bonus extra track" is his take on Outkast's "Morris Brown."

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