Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Nightnoise- The March Air

O' Domhnaill will be missed.

"The death has taken place of Michael O' Domhnaill," this this RTE report begins (Real Audio link). That distinct Irish phrasing was also the defining element of O' Domhnaill's work, even with the New Age-leaning Nightnoise, the Windham Hill group he co-founded. The multi-instrumentalist O' Domhnaill was also a former member of the Bothy Band. He was 54.

The sad news of Syd Barrett's passing just reached me. Because I came of age in a time when Pink Floyd dominated rock radio, and every nuance of The Wall, Dark Side of the Moon and Wish You Were Here were permanently drilled into my being, I've deliberately avoided all things Floyd the past two decades. The only Barrett-era song that had that same omnipresent impact on me was "See Emily Play," a mix-tape staple in high school. "There is no other day," Syd. Farewell.

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moose & squirrel said...

A triple dose. Comes in threes they say. Syd, Michael, and Paul.

All towering greats.

Sad news comes in waves this way all to often anymore.