Monday, July 10, 2006

Ever We Fall- Bring 'Em In Billy (Techno Remix)

I had to bring 'em in.

As I toted an armful of discs to my car after a Warped Tour date a few weeks ago, I wonderered if labels practically give music away at this event because they realize that kids place more value on apparel than on music, or if labels in this genre simply "get it"? Either way, I'm glad to have this Ever We Fall remix on Hopelessly Devoted To You, Vol. 6, a $3.00, three-disc compilation showcasing the releases of the prominent label group. Stripped of guitars and with a shameless Postal Service-style production, the song is transformed into a haunting slice of pathos. The Portland-based Ever We Fall is one of the best AP magazine-style bands; hear what they usually sound like at their Pure Volume page.

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