Monday, July 17, 2006

Danny Cox- Bring Our Loved Ones Back

The MP3 is gone, but Danny sings on.

I’m straying from the regular format of There Stands the Glass today to tell you about a brave thing Danny Cox did Friday night.

Cox delivered a strident anti-war protest song to an unsuspecting audience in Olathe, Kansas, the most politically conservative corner of the Kansas City metropolis. As a renowned folk singer who enjoyed national acclaim in the late ‘60s and early ‘70s, Cox is no stranger to topical material. Even so, he has probably rarely performed before a less receptive group of people.

"Bring Our Loved Ones Back," with lines like "We’re killing citizens all over the world" and "Thank God for the internet," isn’t going to make anyone forget "We Shall Overcome." Still, its sincerity and earnestness are quite compelling. This is a recording of Cox’s song from a performance earlier this year at All Soul’s Unitarian Church.

Remarkably, no one in Olathe booed or left in protest when the song concluded. Two dozen people even stood and applauded.

Cox was in Olathe as the unannounced opening act for Malford Milligan. The concert was part of the city’s free Friday night concert series. Many of the approximately 400 people in attendance walked to the event from their nearby homes.

Cox had been charming the audience with polite folk standards and ditties about the challenges of raising children. Then he was joined by Malford Milligan for a couple songs. The extraordinary voice of Milligan, an Austin-based blues and rock musician, seemed to invigorate Cox. "It’s so great to sing with someone you never sang with," Cox exclaimed as Milligan left the stage. "All we have is a few chords and passion. I can say we felt the passion."

It was then that Cox sang "Bring Our Loved Ones Back." While Milligan and his backing trio later ran through a solid set that showcased Milligan’s marvelous voice, Cox’s courage remained the highlight of the evening.

Milligan is incredibly photogenic, as you can see in the additional photos of the concert I posted here.

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that must have been awesome. Thanks for sharing.