Monday, July 12, 2010

Review: Rich the Factor at the Uptown Theater

"KC is the town."

Pop quiz- Tech N9ne aside, who is Kansas City's most popular hip hop artist? The correct response is Rich the Factor.

You're not alone if you don't know about Rich. Three out of four of my music geek friends say they've never heard of him. Yet Sunday night at the Uptown Theater the majority of the audience of about 1,300 rapped along to almost every song Rich performed. Because he's an elusive figure (that's him in silhouette) and rarely makes public appearances, it was only my second time seeing him. I could hardly keep up.

It's Rich's sound on material like "Authentic Tycoon" that most intrigues me. His murky mix is a unique combination of DJ Screw and Lee "Scratch" Perry. Syzurp slow and insanely off kilter, Rich's music is akin to gangsta folk art. It may be weird, but it's lucrative. Rich has built an underground empire.

E-40 was last night's ostensible headliner. "I want to be saved!" So fun. Until his set was spoiled by the intrusion of a talentless Kansas City, Kansas, act that I refuse to name, the Jacka's set was also excellent. And I was pleased that he and Lee Majors performed a track from my favorite album of 2010.

Even so, it was Rich's night. With all due respect to Three 6 Mafia, Rich the Factor is the real "Most Known Unknown."

Tim Finn composed an incredible review of Saturday's Hearts of Darkness concert.

Sugar Minott has died.

I finally got around to attending a live broadcast of KCUR's 12th Street Jump. Here are my notes.

Kansas City Click: Jason and the Punknecks perform an early show Monday at The Brick.

I don't expect to hear my favorite Tom Petty song Tuesday at Sprint Center.

(Original image by There Stands the Glass.)


jonderneathica said...

Love that first TP album.

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Oh yeah.