Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Review: Levon Helm at Crossroads KC

I loved Levon Helm's concert Monday at Crossroads KC. Here are a few observations.

*As Tim Finn suggested in his proper review, Helm's large ensemble "recalled Springsteen's Seeger Sessions band." I'd actually prefer catching another date on Helm's current tour than see Bruce's Americana collective or any existing Grateful Dead splinter group.
*Helm can't weigh much more than 100 pounds.
*The evening's nicest surprise was the presence of acclaimed jazz musician Howard Johnson.
*How I miss Rick Danko!
*This fan video captures much of the concert's flavor.

Music industry icon Harvey Fuqua has died. This footage is a treat.

Steddy P invokes "the ghost of the jazz era" in his new video for "It's Like That".

Kansas City Click: Tim Whitmer is joined by Stan Kessler and Kim Park at Unity on the Plaza on Wednesday.

Eric Church performs Thursday on the Power & Light stage.

(Dark and blurry original image by There Stands the Glass.)

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