Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Non-Review: Steddy P- While You Were Sleeping

In the column to the right you'll see that Steddy P's Style Like Mind was my #7 album of last year. I stand by that assessment. I haven't listened to the brand new mixtape by Steddy P and DJ Mahf only because I'm completely obsessed with "Teqkilla," the fourth track on the M.I.A. album that also hit the streets today.

In lieu of a proper There Stands the Glass review, here's largely unfiltered hype from Indyground:
While You Were Sleeping, a collaborative effort from the "Show Me State" duo Steddy P & DJ Mahf, celebrates two years of music and touring across the Midwest. The project begins with Side A, a brand new EP from Steddy and Mahf... On Side B, DJ Mahf handles the Mixtape portion remixing popular songs from Steddy's catalog with the finest variety of hip hop beats spanning the last fifteen years. While You Were Sleeping is over an hour of FREE, never before heard music from Steddy P & DJ Mahf.
Get the free mixtape here. Watch the video for "And It's Like That" while it downloads.

(Random unrelated original image by There Stands the Glass.)

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