Friday, July 16, 2010

I Fall To Pieces

My feelings were hurt a year or two ago when my friend BGO characterized There Stands the Glass as the "death blog." That's not how I see it. Yet the bad news has been so relentless this week that I'll reluctantly embrace the concept for this post.

Some songs seem as if they've always existed. "I Fall To Pieces" and "Make the World Go Away" are just as much a part of the natural order of things as the wind and the tides. It seems absolutely astounding, consequently, that until yesterday, the man largely responsible for those songs walked among us.

Hank Cochran has died. Also from Cochran: "She's Got You"! "Set 'Em Up Joe"! "Ocean Front Property"! "It's Not Love But It's Not Bad"! And Paycheck's "A-11"!

Other recent deaths of note:

Organist Gene Ludwig- he's heard with Pat Martino here.

Tuli Kupferberg of the Fugs- here's a would-be hit.

Ruth Rhoden- the longtime Kansas City jazz personality interviews the late Emily Remler here.

Harvey Pekar- don't miss the cartoonist introducing his "World of Jazz".

Brazilian clarinetist Paulo Moura- he plays beautifully here.

Kansas City Click: I'm not the least bit pleased that Big Boi is purportedly appearing Friday at the ritzy Jones Pool. I don't have a thing to wear!

The Jeff Hamilton Trio returns to Jardine's on Friday and Saturday.

I caught the Doobie Brothers/Chicago tour a couple years ago. Not bad at all. And I don't care what anyone thinks- this is my jam. They trot out the hits again Sunday at Starlight.


The DLC said...

A-11 is just about my favorite song of all time. That's some great footage too. Cochran was so important to Paycheck that he wrote "Help me Hank I'm Fallin'" about him, but you probably already knew that.

Happy In Bag said...

I'll confess to having watched this clip ten times, DLC.