Friday, April 09, 2010

Review: Sliccs Gotcha's Bringin The 90's Back

It saddens me that Sliccs Gotcha's new posthumous album isn't very good. I suppose it would have been no less tragic had Bringin' The 90's Back been brilliant.

As I wrote here, the rapper was murdered on the streets of Kansas City in February. My post generated a mean-spirited discussion at Crime Scene KC. That's to be expected. It sickens me, however, that the crime remains unsolved.

Mediocre and largely forgettable, the album lacks anything as undeniably immediate as 2008's "Off the Chain." The world-weary self-assessment of "When I Close My Eyes" is the only track I enjoy. Perhaps it's because the usual gangster braggadocio that dominates the rest of the album makes me cringe.

It would be easy to quote Sliccs boasting about the sordid details of "the game" that apparently led to his demise. I just don't have the heart to do it.

I'm also not impressed by the post-Fat Tone sound that's typical of most titles issued by Rich the Factor's Major Factor Records. It's distressing that Phil Collins is sampled on "Nowhere To Run" and Drake, unfortunately, is also mixed into a couple tracks.

This video tribute serves as a better memorial to Sliccs' legacy than does Bringin' The 90s's Back.

We miss you, Sliccs.

Yeah, I'm a fan. Here's my review of Karrin Allyson's second set last night at Jardine's.

Travis O'Guin of Strange Music complains about his distributor in a fascinating interview.

Omaha's Luigi Waites has died.

Although I didn't like Malcolm McLaren, I always admired his gumption. He died April 8.

Kansas City Click: George Strait will play my favorite song of 2009 Friday at the Sprint Center.

Mixed Method and Hominid perform at Jardine's on Saturday. I previewed the show here.

AC/DC's return to the Sprint Center trumps everything else going on Sunday.


Anonymous said...

hey im a local blogger at and i am writing to say first and formost u have a great site well to the point I personally think bringin the 90s bacc is a masterpeice because for one it is only a mixtape he got way more heat comin when i close my eyes and clyde and bonnie are my favorates the phill collins sample makes me sad check out his protege MISS G her mixtape goin thru some thangs drop May 8 and signin at 7 heaven thanks so much for your love n support and i will continue to support you twitter me @pricelessgems1 xoxoxo WE Miss u sliccs

Happy In Bag said...

I remember your Pitch column. Man, your site is pink!

Thanks for checking in.

R.I.P. Sliccs.