Monday, April 26, 2010

Review: The Flaming Lips and The Dead Weather at Sandstone

A Flaming Lips concert serves the same function for indie rockers as a Jimmy Buffett concert serves for stock brokers and soccer moms. That's right- the fearlessly freaky fans of the Flaming Lips are no different than Parrotheads. And I'm ok with that.

Tim Finn wrote a proper review of Friday's concert at Sandstone. A few of my dubious "insights" follow.

The Dead Weather: Evil and nasty, the Dead Weather offered the single best Led Zeppelin recreation I've ever heard. The band's recorded work doesn't even come close to capturing the genuinely scary sounds they emitted Friday.

Minus the Bear: What's the point of a jam band that can't bothered to jam?

White Rabbits: They sounded like high school marching band geeks covering the Feelies. That's a good thing.

On Saturday, Mac Lethal made the following vow: I officially declare, right now, that I, Mac Lethal, am going to cover "Party in the USA" by Miley Cyrus on my new album. Hey, Mac- I hope you do justice to my third-favorite song of 2009. Here are 24 additional ideas for your consideration.

I reviewed Christian McBride's concert Saturday.

Author and lyricist Gene Lees has died.

The new State Bird EP sounds like a hit. Listen for yourself at the Record Machine's blog.

Kansas City Click: "Hello!" P.i.L. appears Monday at the Midland.

Michael Pagan plays piano Tuesday at Cafe Trio.

(Original images of the Flaming Lips by There Stands the Glass.)

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