Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Noah Earle- The Sky's On Fire

I've removed this label-approved MP3 due to recent actions taken by Google/DMCA.

The intentionally distressed cover art of Noah Earle's This Is the Jubilee is perfect. The new release looks and sounds old, as if it's been sliding around on the floor mat of car alongside classic '70s albums by Paul Simon and James Taylor.

The prospect of listening to a folkie inspired by Still Crazy After All These Years and Sweet Baby James would ordinarily compel me to key a Mercedes. The many charms of This Is the Jubilee, however, have completely won me over. Even the end of earth, for instance, sounds jaunty on "The Sky's On Fire."

I love this album.

While his contemporary peers are the likes of Amos Lee, Ray LaMontagne and Alexi Murdoch, the Missouri boy is unique. Earle is so earthy that he makes LaMontagne's anti-celebrity seem like TMZ material. This live version of the album's opening track is indicative of Earle's homespun charm.

I reviewed the outstanding triple bill of Heartless Bastards, Bleach Bloodz and Sons of Great Dane last week.

Jazz drummer Steve Reid has died.

The latest free label sampler from The Record Machine includes songs from Cowboy Indian Bear and Sam Billen.

Joel Francis caught up with Greg Ginn.

I had to pull over when I heard Michael Maniaci sing this piece by Mozart yesterday. I only comprehended what I had experienced when it was back-announced by the classical DJ.

Kansas City Click: Killah Priest and Blueprint play the Riot Room on Tuesday.

Nathan Granner completes a two-night stand at Jardine's on Wednesday. He croons "Shenandoah" with country band RiverRock in this unlikely collaboration.

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