Friday, April 23, 2010

Review: Beama's Papuh Uh Plastik

Beama- "Trying To Do Right" (video at YouTube)


The Kansas side of Kansas City is too often overlooked in discussions of the area's hip hop scene.

Beama might be the artist to finally put an end to that snub. Based on the high quality of his "Trying To Do Right" video, he clearly has the necessary financing to make it happen. (And for what it's worth, he's also getting 20,000 daily MySpace plays.)

Talk about money dominates his new mixtape Papuh Uh Plastik. It's a wildly inconsistent collection of gangsta rap. The generic production and far too many song snippets drag down much of the project. Even so, Ron Ron's solid contributions to "Soundz of a Dope Deala" and "Touch White" make the disc a must-hear for aficionados of the Kansas City scene. Yung Fate, an apparent Ron Ron protege, also does a good job imitating his mentor.

I feel like a fool for having paid full price for what's essentially a demo. That doesn't mean, however, that I won't be rooting for Beama to put Kansas City, Kansas, on the map.

Phoenix lived up to the hype. Here's my review of Wednesday's show.

Austin has the Gourds. Springfield, Missouri, has Big Smith. I was delighted to see this essay about the band at KC Free Press.

I shudder to think that I can be as big of a geek as Christopher R. Weingarten. Still, I concur with almost all of his damning assertions in this commentary.

I've witnessed a handful of memorable onstage meltdowns but I don't think I've ever been present for anything quite as excruciating as Sly Stone's stunning fail at Coachella.

Cheers to NPR for addressing Iranian oppression in today's feature about the No One Knows About Persian Cats documentary.

Kansas City Click: The Flaming Lips touch down at Sandstone on Friday.

Young bachata band XTreme hits Memorial Hall on Friday.

Logan Richardson returns to the Record Bar on Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Man, that was depressing. I wish I would not have seen that. I like to keep only good memories. Well, I guess it was your duty as a journalist to share it with us. If you ever see and record Chuck Berry melting down, please don't post it. Or Paul Westerberg, or Paul McCartney, or Paul Simon. etc.

Happy In Bag said...

Funny list of musicians you mention there, Doolittle. I've seen both CB and PW behaving badly. (Something I share with more than one TSTG reader, I'm sure.)