Monday, August 31, 2009

Review: Lee "Scratch" Perry at the Beaumont

Why do I even bother going to reggae shows? I don't touch ganja and I'm notoriously impatient. I'm just not equipped to "be happy".

It was disappointing but not surprising, consequently, that the guy working the door of the Beaumont Club a couple nights ago warned me that the night's headliner, Lee "Scratch" Perry, wasn't even in the building when I arrived after ten. As I forked over thirty dollars, I advised the bouncers that I'd burn the place down Scratch-stylee if the legend wasn't on stage in an hour's time.

The Westport club was nearly torched.

After an hour of listening to his backup band riff tediously- they resembled a Robin Trower tribute act that had just learned to play reggae three months ago- an unmistakable voice cried, "Hello hello hello hello hello hello hello!"

My frustration evaporated as one of my true musical heroes appeared from behind a curtain. Nothing he performed was remotely as good as this or even this. I was pleased, however, that he still possesses an obsession with fire. As a woman says in that loony clip, the Upsetter "lives in a sort of different dimension." I even caught a glimpse of it when I looked into the eyes of the 73-year-old legend as I shook his hand.

Joel Francis wrote a proper review of the show. And the Pitch's photographer has a really nice camera.

Kansas City native Chris Connor has died. Here's Steve Paul's obituary. The jazz vocalist was featured at There Stands the Glass in 2008.

Kansas City Click: AU makes new age music for hipsters. The group drones Tuesday at the Pistol Social Club.

(Original images by There Stands the Glass.)


Joel said...

I worried this was the case as the DJ kept spinning and spinning and Lionize played a 40-minute opening set. Like you, I had my doubts Perry would show up until I actually saw him take the stage.
It was nice bumping into. Thanks for the link and the photos.

Happy In Bag said...

Apparently he arrived at KCI around ten. To be fair, I can't imagine how he ever gets through airport security...

Joel said...

He and George Clinton need to go on the road together for the Funky Grandpa tour. It would save TSA a lot of time (and likely be a heck of a show).