Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ellie Greenwich, 1940-2009


It's an almost incomprehensible concept, but someone actually wrote "River Deep, Mountain High". Surely, it seems, something so monumental must have existed since the beginning of time. "Be My Baby", "Then He Kissed Me" and "Leader of the Pack" are also integral contributions to today's popular culture. Click the links if you need to be reminded of each song's epic grandeur.

While it's true that we wouldn't remember these songs quite as fondly were it not for the contributions of giants like Phil Spector and Tina Turner, each classic was written or co-written by Ellie Greenwich.

Greenwich died yesterday. This disc includes the entirety of her 1968 and 1973 solo albums. The glorious "Baby Baby Baby" was included on the former.

I probably gained more insight into the minds of teenage girls from Greenwich than from Jane Austen, Thomas Hardy and Judy Blume combined. Consequently, I'm willing to forgive Greenwich for "Chapel of Love", a ditty that makes even happily married men cringe.

Soulja Boy? Is that you? (He just wants to be "Successful.")

The new Raekwon is- dare I say it?- great.

Bongo Berry, a Kansas City-area children's musician, died unexpectedly yesterday. He was 55. He seemed like the picture of health when I saw him at Jiggle Jam in May.

Kansas City Click: Look At These F***ing Hipsters Sorry- wrong blog. French Horn Rebellion perform Thursday at the Record Bar.

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