Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Les Paul, 1915-2009


Is it supposed to sound like that? That's the question I ask myself every time I hear Les Paul. Even the squarest selections on this terrific compilation crackle with weird experimentation. "Brazil," a track from 1947, is typical. Perhaps the enormous attention paid to Paul's death will inspire a new generation to discover the innovator's work. Nothing against Hendrix, but the world would certainly be a better place if more guitarists were also influenced by Paul's imaginative catalog.

James Christos blasts KPRS.

Kansas City Click: What are the chances that my favorite Blondie song will be performed Tuesday at Crossroads?


bgo said...

Here's hoping you get around to Rashied Ali soon...

Which I know you will, right?

Happy In Bag said...

George Russell, Rashied Ali and Jim Dickinson posts are in the offing. I'm disinclined to include well-known material by 'Trane, Big Star, etc., so I need to dig deep into the archives to find the appropriate tracks. Thanks, as always, for checking in, BGO.

bgo said...

For Dickinson might I suggest 'O How She Dances' from Dixie Fried and billed as James Luther Dickinson. This is before Tom Waits ever thought of picking up a megaphone.