Friday, August 14, 2009

Mike Seeger, 1933-2009

Thanks, Mike.

"If he dies I'll tan his skin and if he lives I'll ride him again." The line from The New Lost City Ramblers' version of "Old Johnny Booker Won't Do" is an apt way to remember the late Mike Seeger. He died August 7. Few individuals contributed more to the ongoing rediscovery and reinvention of American music. Yes, Mike was the half-brother of Pete, but where the latter is notoriously strident, Mike seemed to focus on music. Honestly, I'd consider trading Pete's entire catalog for two or three collections of Mike's straightforward folk music. He relates charming stories about his childhood here. "Old Johnny Booker Won't Do" is from the Rambers' wonderfully titled Out Standing In Their Field. I wholeheartedly recommend virtually everything by the Ramblers as well as all of Mike's solo albums.

I took no pleasure in trashing Wednesday's Blues Traveler concert. This fan footage is all too representative.

Get a load of all that hair! I like the new video for Lonely H's "The Singer." The song is like a mash-up of The Eagles' "Peaceful Easy Feeling" and Johnny Paycheck's "(Don't Take Her) She's All I Got." And yeah, that's intended as a compliment.

I defy anyone not to like Brother Ali's new track.

My friend and neighbor Mike Webber is interviewed about his stint at Caper's Corner record store.

Alas, it looks like There Stands the Glass will return to its status as an obituary site for the foreseeable future. I'll try to toss in a few non-death posts in an attempt to stave off the unrelenting gloom.

Kansas City Click: Hobo Tone appears at Bodyworks Friday.

The Avett Brothers, two of my favorite beardos, open for Railroad Earth Saturday at Crossroads.

Carolin Pook's Sunday gig at Jardine's looks promising.

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