Thursday, September 11, 2008

Irma Thomas- Zero Willpower

Zero sound.

The late career renaissance of Irma Thomas is deeply rewarding for fans of rhythm and blues. Simply Grand, her acclaimed new album, might also provide encouragement to the Marva Whitneys and Ida McBeths of the world. It's possible that their best work may still lie ahead. Thomas' out of print Safe With Me, recorded in 1979, hasn't aged well. This Dan Penn and Spooner Oldham song is probably its best track. Look out for the spoken word bit.

Forget music- Miles Bonny is a great photographer! The images from his European trip on his blog are incredible. The evocative video for "Miles Gets Open" serves as an excellent primer on Bonny's approach and as a travelogue of downtown Kansas City.

Am I just resistant to change, or is "Love Lockdown" the worst song of Kanye West's career?

Kansas City Click: Shawty Lo and an enormous cast of locals- including There Stands the Glass favorite Sliccs Gotcha- are scheduled to appear at Moda Mansion tonight.


brucedene said...

That Miles Bonny video is cool, in a low-fi, could-be-anywhere kind of way that matches the lyrical content perfectly. Thanks for pointing it out.

bgo said...

They left out the Library District.

I'm disappointed.

Great groove though. Relly like the song.

Happy In Bag said...

Don't miss his Euro blog: