Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Randolph Walker- Miss Jackson's Daughter

Randolph Walker- Miss Jackson's Daughter (MP3)

Before DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist began their first set last night, Shadow noted that while neither man had previously performed in Kansas City, he'd been a regular customer of the Music Exchange. "R.I.P." he sadly noted. Between that and the early Marva Whitney reference, I was guaranteed to love the show.

I was shocked by the conventional, old-fashioned tone of the performance. Isaac Hayes' concert on the same stage a couple months ago was comparatively pioneering. It seemed like the DJs were performing exclusively for collectors like me. They played lots of deep Southern R&B, Indian psychedelia, spoken word novelty records and De La Soul- I was probably one of five guys in the room old enough to have purchased 3 Feet High and Rising as a new release.

The duo's arbitrary self-imposed "rules" even reminded me of the guidelines I usually employ (and are being broken in this atypical post) at There Stands the Glass.

The incredible song I feature today is exactly the sort of treasure DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist rightfully fetishized last night. Outside of the 7-inch format, the gem from 1970 is only available on this powerful out-of-print compilation.

Kid Koala's opening set was far more adventurous. While he wasn't averse to playing hits by Kanye West and M.I.A., he was best when repurposing blues and jazz tracks. I also liked that he left the stage as a loop of Mac Lethal's "Pound That Beer" continued to skip on one of his turntables.

Tim Finn's review and professional photographs are here.

Kansas City Click: I'll recommend the "prairie vibrations" of reggae act Seedlove even though their MySpace page lists Deepak Chopra (twice) and "10 Foot Ganja Plant" among their influences. The crusty kids are at Spivey's in Lenexa.

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