Friday, February 15, 2008

Osibisa- I Feel (Pata Pata)

The dance is over.

British-based, African-minded Osibisa were far ahead of their time. The group's unapologetically pop sound defined "world music" before the term was even invented. It worked. Although the band enjoyed a tremendous level of success, they're largely forgotten today. Perhaps the popularity of Vampire Weekend signals the advent of renewed interest in these sounds. This live footage from 1974 certainly deserves a fresh look. The Osibisa catalog is a shambles; you may as well start with this collection.

Back in 1982, taking a girl to a club where the Blue Riddim Band was playing was a pretty good idea. I'm delighted that some old footage recently emerged at YouTube.

How it possible that I went through life without hearing Virgil Thomson's The River until yesterday?

Kansas City Click: A terrific all-ages show starts at the Record Bar this afternoon. Included are the Redwalls, the Abracadabras and Catfish Haven. (The latter band is one of my favorites, even though I invariably end up being the only guy grooving on their primitive soul.)

Mark Olson lays out the cold, hard facts at Davey's Saturday.

I'm not sure if we can be friends if at least some part of you doesn't want to take Kid Rock's "musical journey thru American music" at the Sprint Center on Sunday.

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