Monday, February 11, 2008

Keely Smith- Kansas City

Left town.

Cynics and haters should move along.

I loved last night's Grammy broadcast. Several performances were real treats- John Fogerty with Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Richard, KC's homeboy Eldar, the always-entertaining Kanye West, "Rhapsody In Blue," Feist with a brass band, the excellent gospel segment, the radiance of Beyonce and the Foo Fighters' gig with John Paul Jones and contestant #1.

My favorite bit, however, was the duet with Kid Rock and Keely Smith. What a hoot! It was great seeing the 75-year-old getting some exposure. Her Swing Swing Swing attempted to capitalize on the most recent swing scare. And in spite of- or perhaps because of- her references to the Chiefs, "Kansas City" is also a lot of fun.

I watched the Grammys with a person unfamiliar with rock music. She was delighted that a band would name themselves "The Food Finders."

Wynton Marsalis and the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra were rock solid Friday. My review is here. I was blown away by Leeland's performance when they opened for Casting Crowns the next night. My review is here.

Pianist Chris Anderson, who played with Charlie Parker, died February 4. He was 81.

Kansas City Click: The Heet Mob crew has their weekly Mic Check Mondays gig at the Embassy.

3 comments: said...

Three blogs and not a single mention of Herbie Hancock winning an album of the year Grammy for a jazz effort?

jdoublep said...

oh, man, best grammys in a long time. and how 'bout that upset by herbie? just great.

Patchchord said...

The win was well deserved. If you haven't heard that disc yet, drop everything you're doing and get a copy. My missus is a Joni aficionado, and a tough one at that, and concurs.