Thursday, February 14, 2008

Mark Olson- Poor Michael's Boat

Rowed to shore.

Mark Olson, bless his heart, is still on the road. I snapped this photo last September. He plays another gig in my town this weekend.

Olson's old band, the Jayhawks, are one of the definitive folk/country/rock groups of the last quarter century. For a few thousand diehard fans, they meant everything. But for the lack of a couple lucky breaks, Olson might now be filling arenas instead of playing to one or two hundred true believers each night.

"Ain't it funny how big plans fall through," Olson wistfully notes on "Poor Michael's Boat."

It's from 2007's essential The Salvation Blues. It's a painfully honest document about coming to terms with diminished expectations and discovering hidden beauty inside the resulting pain and disappointment. In other words, it's "the salvation blues."

Until I actually watched every excruciating minute of Tuesday's two-hour American Idol broadcast, the show had never inspired strong opinions in me. I kind of like Kelly Clarkson, Fantasia and Taylor Hicks. Never again. From now on I intend to let my friend Tim track the results for me at The Other Door.

Kansas City Click: Kasey Rausch is just one of several Kansas City songwriters participating in the "Love Hangover" event tonight at Davey's.

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