Monday, December 18, 2006

Sphere- Uncle Bubba

I saw jazz pianist Kenny Barron perform Friday night. As I indicate in this review, I wasn't entirely pleased with the concert. While at least one reader disagrees with my assessment, I submit this video of Barron's drummer Francisco Mela as Exibit A in my defense. While Barron is among the most elegant of jazz musicians, I prefer the edgier side he displayed with Sphere, the Thelonious Monk tribute band, as heard on this Gary Bartz composition from the group's self-titled out-of-print recording from 1998.

Does anybody else remember Skafish? Not only is the new-wave oddball still around, he has a new jazz trio Christmas CD! My pal Lee featured this most unlikely of albums on the radio yesterday.

Kenny Davern died on December 12. He was 71. The clarinetist is heard to good effect on this 1977 video.

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