Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Conjunto de lose Hermanos Molina- El Pajarillo Jilguero


I know embarrassingly little about traditional and contemporary Mexican music. I listen to Spanish-language radio in my car and watch Univision regularly. But most significantly, I interact with passionate music fans from Mexico at one of my jobs. Even so, I never quite grasped what all the narcocorridas discs were about until I read this Los Angeles Times story today. The compilations' cover art typically picture guns and trucks. This gorgeous son is a lament about men who mistreat their wives and daughters. It has absolutely nothing to do with contemporary drug wars, but it'll do until I become a narcocorridas expert. The song is available on this fantastic box set.

Colorado alt-country act Drag the River is on a treacherous cross-country tour. The song "Beautiful and Damned" sounds perfect on these dark winter days.

I was pleasantly surprised to hear an instantly recognizable contribution from Jon Langford on the weekly radio show This American Life. The sublime "Babysitting"-themed episode has various acts cover "The Perfect Nanny" from the Mary Poppins soundtrack. Download it at iTunes and hear the onetime Mekon and sometime Waco Brother at the twenty minute mark.

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