Monday, December 11, 2006

The Dixon Brothers- The Intoxicated Rat

Sobered up.

Songs: Illinois recently posted a song from Charlie Louvin's forthcoming release. Although Elvis Costello is a poor substitute for Charlie's late brother Ira, it made me recall the joy of first discovering classic brother band music. I was completely floored when I bought Are You From Dixie?: Great Country Brother Teams of the 1930s as a new release in 1988. The lively old songs by the likes of The Blue Sky Boys, the Monroe Brothers and The Delmore Brothers made me realize that music recorded even before my parents were born could still speak directly to me. The compilation is out-of-print, but this Dixon Brothers collection is still available.

I was bitterly disappointed in the production values of last night's T.I., Jim Jones, Young Buck and T-Pain concert. My review is here.

Good news for any publication needing a gifted and universally respected music and business writer- my old friend Chris Morris is available.


Mr. Poncho said...

Thanks for this. another Louvins connection is that the Dixons wrote (or at least recorded) the song "Wreck on the Highway" ("I Didn't Hear Nobody Pray").

Happy In Bag said...

Good catch, Mr. Poncho. The Driftwood Singers rule!

Anonymous said...

can you post this disc?