Friday, December 01, 2006

The Manhattans- Summertime In the City

Summer's over.

An overt homage to the socially conscious work of Bobby Womack and The Temptations, "Summertime In the City" is an uncharacteristically funky song from 1974 by soul vocal group The Manhattans. The song is not included on any of the readily available Manhattans compilations, such as this otherwise impeccable set of their late-period hits. One vendor is selling this CD for crazy money.

I had planned to catch The Republic Tigers and two other first-tier local bands last night, but I was snowed in. I've heard unflattering things about the Tiger's ability to present these incredible psychedelic pop songs on stage, but I can't imagine how songs this beautiful could ever be rendered as anything less than staggeringly brilliant.

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