Thursday, September 07, 2006

Oliver Sain- St. Louis Breakdown

It's broken down.

Not everyone can be Ike Turner. Turner and Oliver Sain were born a year apart in Mississippi. Both men became prominent St. Louis-based musicians who occasionally worked at Sun studio in Memphis. While Turner crafted a golden ticket with Tina, Sain had small hits with "Bus Stop," "Booty Bumpin'" and "Party Hearty." He namechecks Rufus Thomas and James Brown on the title cut of this seemingly out-of-print compilation, which is loaded with similarly soulful, funky treasures. St. Louis' Vintage Vinyl probably has a few copies for sale.


moose & squirrel said...

You of all people have to remind me of this great gent? You're now WAY at the top of my list of people who know greatness when they find it.

BTW, I own a 45 of the first appearance of Tina on record. She is listed as 'Little Ann'. Tune Town 501. Song: Boxtop.

I need to make a mp3 file of it and upload one day.


Happy In Bag said...

Whattaya mean me "of all people"? Is that a dis?

That aside, I strongly encourage readers to track the remaining copies of this CD down. It's a stunner.

moose & squirrel said...

No, not a dis, but a toast, to a great one. Really. I mean it. You possess the path to tell me where at the crossroads to travel. I mean that. Okay?