Thursday, September 21, 2006

Don Walser, 1934-2006

We'll miss you, Don.

Don Walser was doing an in-store performance the very first time I visited Austin's Waterloo Records. It must have been around 1990. I bought this CD that day. Walser made countless people smile with his life-affirming traditional country & western music in the tradition of Tex Ritter and the Sons of the Pioneers. The yodel heard to good effect here was his trademark. Subsequent recordings featured significantly better production, but this self-released effort has a certain charm. Walser died yesterday. He was 72.

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moose & squirrel said...

The music obit blog...

At least I know you care about the artists you post here and I can come to find some solace.

Too many are passing--that happens if you live long enough--I need to say grace more often even if I question my beliefs.