Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Dracomagnet- Souped-Up Monte Carlo and Feathered Hair

Later, Kansas.

The only statement more reckless than "I'm opening a record store," is "I'm starting a record label." I doubt that Hairball Records ever made a dime, but it did a fine job of documenting the Lawrence, KS, scene of the early '90s. This label compilation includes artists like Chubby Smith, The Eudoras, Todd Newman and even William S. Burroughs. Dracomagnet's contribution is a great example of the grinding sludge that dominated regional rock clubs at the time. Cough It Up: The Hairball Story is out of print, but it can literally be purchased for a penny.

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JozivSmyth said...

I was going to school around this time in Lawrence. The music scene was really great. Even with all the names on this disc, many, many great bands wouldn't fit on it. Dracomagnet rocked a live show!