Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Voice of the Beehive- Monsters and Angels

Monsters and Angels no longer exist.

"Monsters and Angels" is the greatest pop song you've never heard. It compares favorably to the biggest hits by its obvious inspirations, the B-52's and the Supremes. A cover of this forgotten ditty from 1991 would be a guaranteed hit by the likes of Kelly Clarkson or Hillary Duff. I expect credit in your liner notes, ladies.

I'm in a Napster-induced frenzy. The notorious company's brand new advertising-based model is very compelling. In the past 24 hours, I've listened to Steve Wonder's Hotter Than July (I never owned it and now I know I don't need it), all the bonus tracks from the new Mott the Hoople reissues (I probably won't replace my vinyl) and the new releases from Fort Minor, Built To Spill, Mobb Deep, Tom Ze and k.d. lang. And it was all free. Poor fidelity is the only downside. If I wasn't a compulsive collector, I'd sign up for the better-sounding pay version of the site immediately.


Irish KC said...

I saw them do this live in Wolverhampton in England's West Midlands a long time ago - 1991? - and couldn't agree more.

Happy In Bag said...

Irish- That's incredible. I'd love to hear more about that. Even though I own a BBC session by VotB, I figured they were a studio concoction.

I'll be at the Flaco show on Saturday night. Look for the gringo with big hair and a limp.

moose & squirrel said...

I didn't realize Napster put in place a low-fi advertising driven offer to sample some full-length tracks. Bless 'em. Between You Tube and this, I have more ways to waste time now. Darn you, Happy In Bag/

Irish KC said...

Sorry for the delay in getting back - that gig was when Honey Lingers had just been released. I had always thought they were big in the US, being primarily two American girls but I guess they were actually living in England back then.

Was heading to see Flaco but fell asleep at 6pm following an all-night blogging session - sad from every angle.

Happy In Bag said...

Irish- Thanks for the follow-up report. I read at your fine blog that you're on your way to New York. Have fun!

Irish KC said...


I would if I was, and I did when I last did, but I'm guessing you have me mixed up with the Irish Fest blog on blogspot, when I'm actually just simple IrishKC.com

All very People's Front of Judea I know, sorry.

Happy In Bag said...

Irish- Sorry, you all look alike to me. Seriously, I'm embarrassed, and I've added you to my blogrolls.

Irish KC said...

Ah see now you're embarassing me, as my blogroll is long overdue an update. I'll get around to it very soon.

And I'm the eejit that chose the Judean People's Front as my domain name and then bedecked it in green and orange for originality.