Thursday, May 04, 2006

Roy Hargrove- Always and Forever

No, it was just for a few days.

I finally saw Legends of Jazz, PBS's attempt to showcase the form. I hope I'm wrong, but I doubt it's going to win over many new fans. The episode I caught featured trumpeters Roy Hargrove, Clark Terry and Chris Botti. In spite of its genial host Ramsey Lewis, the show was painfully awkward. The best moment came when pretty boy Botti spoke about his seemingly perfect life. If looks could kill, Hargrove would be doing hard time. This gentle Pat Metheny melody from Hargrove's beautiful 2000 release Moment To Moment reflects my rekindled passion for jazz with strings.


Lee said...

Your fellow string fellow here. That's one gorgeous track. Thanks! I'm beginning to think this Hargrove cat can do anything.

Speaking of brass with strings, there was an unusal album out last year by Jim Self, titled Innerplay. He plays jazz tuba and something called a flooba (flugel + tuba). I was bracing for a novelty act but there was much lushness.

Happy In Bag said...

Lee- You're right, Hargrove can do anything. I neglected to mention that he has two new titles out on Verve. "Nothing Serious" is a straight jazz album. "Distractions" is a jazz-funk-soul-fusion effort.